When I got the chance to review a Vault gaming case I thought to myself “sweet! What is there to review? They look cool and stylish there isn’t really anything else I can say!” but when I actually received them I quickly discovered there was more than meets the eye, I was lucky enough to receive a Calibur  11 MLG Vault case and a White Calibur 11 Base Vault case so I quickly unpackaged them both to see what they actually looked like.


The White Calibur 11 Base vault (depending on the colour of your choice) comes in a small smart box and inside consists of 2 separate plates, a stand, screws and a face plate.  The instructions are very simple to follow and you can have your case mounted onto your machine in literally 5 minutes flat, at first glance I thought my console was no longer just a gaming machine but a stylish feature on my desktop which would catch attention.  One plate has an optional hook which can be attached to holster your favourite 360 pad which I think is a great feature as I am CONSTANTLY losing my pad around the floor.  The front of the case has a customisable plate which you can order from the Vault website to add your own tag, The most interesting feature about the case is the fact that it is covered in small circular holes, at first I thought this was for ventilation but on researching more into the cases I soon discovered that these were in fact more ways for you to customise your case to make it unique to your style.  Again if you visit the Vault website you will find add-ons that you can purchase to attach to your case for example a nuclear saw, or a claymore the choice is quite literally yours to make your case stand out the way you want it to.


When I was finished playing around with my new toy I moved onto the MLG vault case, the box was considerably larger than the previous case which is justified when you unpackage it to reveal the large apocalypse android head with light up LED eyes which dominates one of the side plates.  This case has the same features as the base vault but comes in a unique camo colour which really fits the style with the android head, the LED lights can be adjusted from several different colours pulsing or changing depending on your preferences (I prefer the purple!)  The case still has the small circular holes on both sides even around the head making it even more adjustable if you need a little something extra on there.  To finish off the unique look of the case you are supplied with a MLG faceplate if you wish to use it or as before you can log onto the vault website and customize your own.  Needless to say I will be using this case over my console for the foreseeable future until I decide how I want to customise my basic white case!


To finish this review off I’d like to go over a few concerns that crossed my mind when I first saw these cases, being a keen gamer I have seen many a laser burned disc and was always under the impression that standing an Xbox up straight was a key reason to why this was happening but my concern was brushed aside when I realised how sturdy the base of the case was giving the console no room to move and keeping it completely secure.  The other problem I could think of was over heating, this has been a major problem with Microsoft in the past with the dreaded red ring of death, again my concerns were removed when I realised how much effort the designers have dedicated to making sure there is 100% ventilation for your console, there are no blocked ventilation ports or fans and the case actually holds the console above the surface to give complete surrounding air supply to keep it cool for longer use.


Overall I think these cases are a great purchase, If you want protection for your console, if you want to treat your console to a makeover, if you want a limited edition console but didn’t get the chance to get your hands on one this is a perfect chance for you to make your machine unique and personal!